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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Welcome to BIB. So far in life, I've always been either the only, or one of a few black people wherever I've been (I am mixed race but I’ve grown up in a very white area where I’ve been categorised as black, but I know my lighter complexion awards me certain privileges). This meant I never had a lot of close black friends. Which in turn means there's no one to discuss issues of racism with - personal or wider - there's no one to speak up for you when racism does happen, and there's no one there to share black culture with. I love my blackness, but it took me a long time to get here. My white friends don't understand my experiences. We rarely have Caribbean food at home. Everything I've learned about styling my hair I've learned from a YouTube video.

So I wanted to create a space for all of us. To talk about the hard parts of being black. And to celebrate being black too. That's especially important right now. Everywhere you turn there's posts and videos, telling the wider world about how hard our lives are. I think with everything right in front of your face, it's very easy to forget that actually being black, is beautiful - hence the name.

I wanted a space for black people to support each other and celebrate, and for non-black people to listen and learn. Racism affects all BIPOC groups differently, but I hope this can support and educate non-black POC too. I want this to be a place to discuss everything black - from the tricky and controversial, to the unique and beautiful, to the completely mundane. I want this to be a place where people can send in their own articles, artwork and music - however you want to express yourself - too. So...enjoy I guess.

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