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Non-fiction Authors You Should Be Reading

Michelle Obama - Becoming

We all love Michelle Obama, let's be honest. Her autobiography offers insight into her life, and how it has been for her as First Lady. It shows the pressures she's had to overcome from the Southside of Chicago, making her own name in Barack's light, and the importance of going for it. A lot of people have said that Michelle should run for President, and we all know she would slay at it, but this book sheds light on why she wouldn't want to - FYI the Obamas deserve a break after eight years.

Elizabeth Uviebinené, Yomi Adegoke - Slay In Your Lane

'The Black Girl Bible'. This book has relatable stories to make you laugh, cry, and nod your head in recognition. The intersectionality of being black and female is so often disregarded, but this book tells it beautifully through interviews with some of Britain's leading black women, who are at the forefront in their careers - from Malorie Blackman to Maggie Aderin Pocock.

Emma Dabiri - Don't Touch My Hair

Combining Emma Dabiri's personal experiences with an intellectual search into the history, politics and culture of black women's hair. It is not just a comment on society, but a revelation of some of our darkest and brightest secrets.

Dabiri is also trying to change the way black hairstyles are punished by society, especially within the British school system.

Akala - Natives

If you don't know who Akala is yet, then you are missing out. Akala tells readers about his own experiences growing up in London in the 80s and 90s. He reminds us of Britain's dark past in the treatment of non-white people - much of which only happened thirty or forty years ago - with the political, historical, and social factors that have led us where we are today.

Michael Fuller - Kill The Black One First

Fuller was the UK's first black chief constable of police. Kill The Black One First is Michael Fuller's memoir of growing up in the British care system, and the race and cultural barriers he has faced in his career. It is honest, heartbreaking, and definitely worth your time.

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